Laura Wolford

PhD, MS CCC-SLP     

I'm your friendly neighborhood speech-language pathologist, researcher, and sex educator.

My lived experience is as a biracial, bisexual, neurodivergent person. My identities allow me a unique perspective on invisible identity and unspoken experience. Sex and intimacy lie right within that world. They're an important part of our lives, but we don't usually discuss them.

As an educator, I bring a nuanced perspective of intersectionality, inclusivity, and advocacy for my clients' sexual health, rights, and safety. 

My Story

I was working as a hospital SLP when a friend-of-a-friend asked me for help: "You do speech stuff, right? My husband had a stroke, and we're having difficulty... in the bedroom."

...excuse me? I think you have the wrong department.

Her husband had aphasia, and they were having difficulty figuring out how to be intimate again. Their doctor said, "just talk about it! Have fun with it." Not particularly helpful advice when aphasia gets in the middle.

I realized how important communication was for sexuality. I saw how my own discomfort with talking about sex was holding my clients back. I started a multi-year journey to learn:

  • How communication disorders affect sex and intimacy
  • Why intimacy is important to quality of life
  • How to address sex and intimacy in speech therapy.
  • How to talk about sex without being super weird about it

...especially that last part.

Book Laura

I'm available for individual consults, presentations, and birthday parties. (just kidding... I think?)

To be as accessible as possible, so I've tried to keep my fees low. If you need different options, please send me a message below. We'll work something out. 

30 minute newbie consult


For clinicians starting this journey or with specific questions

  • Personalized preparation email so we can make sure you get your questions answered efficiently
  • 30 minute Zoom or phone call (your choice) 
  • Text chat is available if you prefer - it's just slower.
  • Approximately 20 minutes of question-answering, 10 minutes of new information  

60 minute consult


For clinicians, clients, & medical/educational centers

  • May include personalized research about your individual topic
  • 60 minute Zoom or phone call
  • Personalized preparation email so we can make sure you get your needs met efficiently
  • Customizable to your needs  

Presentations & Consulting


For universities, medical centers, conferences, and other groups

  • Professional, engaging presentations from an experienced educator
  • Custom or pre-set presentations 
  • Needs assessment included
  • Interactive coaching and workshops available
  • Consulting available to help your organization be more sex-positive