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Course Summary

Most of us are awkward when discussing intimacy. But we don't have to be. 
Learn to talk with your clients about delicate topics - confidently.

In this 2 hour course, we will discuss how to discuss sex, intimacy, body autonomy, and consent without squirming. 
Sex and intimacy are like any other topics; we can approach them with confidence, professionalism, and humility. The focus of this course is building this clinical skill.

A certificate of completion is available for download at the end of the course.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to...

     1. Describe 2 reasons why people have difficulty talking about sexuality and intimacy.
     2. List 2 conversation starters they can use.
     3. Describe how breath and gaze can be used to reduce anxiety around awkward topics.

Warning: PG-13

The topics discussed in this course are of an adult nature. In order to address the topics of intimacy and sexuality appropriately, the instructor uses accurate terminology.

Please ensure that you are in an appropriate setting to take this course before you begin. 

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