Sex Talk

The SLP Sex Talk

1.5 Hours. How SLPs can help clients access intimacy, sexuality, and relationships

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Course Summary

In this 1.5 hour introductory course, we will discuss why SLPs should address sexual health, how communication impairments impact intimacy, and how speech-language pathologists can help.  Communication is key to consent. Improved intimacy is a functional goal. 

Learning Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able to...

     1.  Describe 2 ways communication skills impact sexual health and intimacy.
     2. List 3 effects of communication disorders on sexual health and intimacy.
     3. Recall 3 skills that SLPs need to successfully help their clients navigate sex and intimacy issues.

Course Curriculum

Laura Wolford

I'm your friendly neighborhood speech-language pathologist, researcher, and sex educator. (she/her)

My lived experience is as a biracial, bisexual person who lives with chronic pain. My identities allow me a unique perspective on invisible identity and unspoken experience.  As not-often-discussed parts of the human experience, sex and intimacy lie right within that world.  I bring a nuanced perspective of intersectionality, inclusivity, and advocacy for my clients' sexual health, rights, and safety. 

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