Talking Sex

Real, unscripted conversations about
sex, intimacy, culture, & speech-language pathology

proceeds go to...

  • Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women 
  • Free & sliding scale gender-affirming voice services at Kapila Voice & Speech Services
  • AC & Transplaining
  • V's advocacy work

Talks Included:

Joshuaa Allison-Burbank, PhD, CCC-SLP, CPH

Fun topics:

  • Toxic masculinity 
  • Navajo culture  
  • Thinking about culture  in pragmatics intervention 
  • Coming of age ceremonies 
  • The intimacy of the eclipse

Ruchi Kapila, MS, CCC-SLP, NCVS Trained Vocologist

Fun topics:

  • Targeting intimacy as a culturally responsive practice 
  • Gender-affirming voice during sex 
  • Kink as a community 
  • Patients' rights to self-expression
  • Getting past our own hang-ups as clinicians

AC Goldberg, PhD,

Fun topics:

  • Affirming gender identity for trans and gender-nonconforming clients 
  • Being a clinician they can "come out" to 
  • Talking about sex without creating shame
  • Working with coworkers who are uncomfortable with sex education
  • How sex & intimacy are in our scope of practice

V Tisi,

Fun topics:

  • Respecting Autistic kids' autonomy 
  • The "hidden curriculum" of dating, intimacy & sex
  • How access to sex education has real impacts in school 
  • Consent & boundaries 
  • Intersections of disability, sexual safety, and racialization
  • SO, so many stories

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